Good morning everyone and happy Sunday.  I know today can be hectic for many with getting ready for the coming week after a long holiday week and the pending holidays coming up, but as I was sitting down to dinner last night with my boyfriend I couldn’t help but think about something that we were talking about and that’s success. I thought about how we define success. To you what is success? Is it obtaining plenty of money? Is it power you seek? Or is it simply just watching your dreams unfold before you, bringing to life the thing you have always wanted to do? Then I sat back and thought about well what is holding back many people from obtaining their success? Is it fear of succeeding? Or a fear of failure? I really sat there and thought deep down about what was stopping me and I came to the conclusion that my fear is actually succeeding that out weights my fear of failure. I’m so afraid of how my life would change if something went right instead of wrong.
Now the only thing I can do is push past that fear and proceed further and further until that fear is eliminated. 

So my mission for everyone is to figure out what you are really afraid of whether you have already got your dream of success up and running what’s stopping you from moving it further. Then move forward don’t let your fears of success ruin what WILL be an amazing life for you.

Well I hope this helps others struggling with the same things I do, and I hope you all have a nice, relaxing, and peaceful Sunday.

Love and hugs from my home to your’s.

Stephanie 🍁 🍂 ☔






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