It’s Thursday!!!!!!!!!

Good morning everyone, I hope you all are having an amazing day. As I sit at the place where I volunteer I can’t help but wonder why have I been having such rotten luck finding a job? Everyone where I volunteer is very happy with the work I do. So why can’t I find a paid position? While I am making packets and listening to the beautiful voice on the podcast about money, it hits me and I start asking myself these questions.

1.) Am I stopping my own success because of my fear of what might happen?
2.) Am I intimidated by money due to being taught that money is the root of all evil?
3.) What if I let go of my fear of success, and thought positively about money? Would that open the doors I need?

So from here on I am going to open my own doors to the life I want not the fear that is holding me back.

The world is full of an infinite option of possibilities. Why not let those opportunities become a reality.

Well I hope you all have an amazing Thursday.

Love and hugs from my home to your’s.
Stephanie 🌞🌅🌞🌅



6 thoughts on “It’s Thursday!!!!!!!!!

  1. I like this photo, it has a professional feel to it. I was wondering if I could download this photo to keep as an iPod touch wallpaper? This would certainly go well with the wallpapers I’ve been collecting for my iPod touch :-).
    Alex Smithson

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